Some people choose an insurance company based on price, others choose based on service, some refuse to compromise and they choose Cornerstone Insurance. We’re small enough to care, yet big enough to take care of all your needs. We enjoy our relationship with service-oriented independent agents who enjoy offering our competitive rates to their clients.

Our insurance is centered on a "merit rating system" that allows for fair, flexible and competitive rates. By mixing the old with the new, Cornerstone has an auto insurance plan that will serve as your auto insurance foundation.

Pay Your Bill by Phone: Please dial 1-888-735-5764 then when you hear the automated attendant hit 1010.

Pay Online (if your Policy Number Begins with "9"): Click Here

Pay Online (if your Policy Number Begins with "P"): Click Here 

Chase Insurance Agency offers auto coverage for preferred drivers, non-standard auto for drivers with minor & major violations, home insurance for preferred homeowners & dwelling coverage for tenants & landlords.

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